Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Addition

    Around 3am I went for a walk, stepping heavily and loudly in the misty morning air as is my norm. This was when I felt something lightly touch my leg with an associated mew. I looked down to see the two eyes of a shabby shaking kitten. Startled I talked to the small beast, kneeling to pet and further examine him. Within a few minutes I was walking again, slowly. The youngster followed me home where I dried him off and gave him a compliment of treats and drink. Unfortunately thanks to the hour and the almost certain confrontation between him and our older cat, I had to leave him outside. When my parents awoke early this morning they took the final step and brought him in. So for the rest of the day we tried (unsuccessfully so far) to get our older cat to be understanding and accept him.

The situation as of right now: He is sleeping in one room while the older cat who is usually antisocial clings to me in another. With some luck and lots of treats young fuzzball (as we are calling him now) will become part of the family. Alas however the search for his parents is ongoing, either way we will make sure he is safe and warm, either with us or with his original family.