Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Fish - AKA Goldfish

I must say it is crazy to think that we have had this cat for a whole year now. It was on October 16, 2011 that I made the post about the tiny kitten chasing leaves down the street. He is known round these parts as Little Fish and Gold Fish.

Happy home day... I guess...

 In celebration he is tearing apart paper, which is his current favorite toy.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Some Macro Pictures from Letchworth

Thought I would post a couple of unique macro pictures from Letchworth.

I have never seen a Grasshopper with white eyes. This guy was staring right at me.

Love how I got to miss the rain, and still find droplets.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This Summer was over in a flash, a recap in a flash

It has been quite a while since I have posted here... That will change. I was in both Wisconsin and Michigan for a combined 3 weeks. This of course was after I started off the summer with a full month of camping from Memorial day through mid June. It was a busy and fun summer. I will share some highlights.

I spent two weeks in Wisconsin, one at a conference, the next, on the water with some of the best weather one could ask for.
This is lake Michigan, and it is flat besides these 10-15 waves. These waves are interference waves between two different bits of water within the lake, we came upon them miles from shore. These were very striking, and I must say feeling that they were the most "perfect" waves I have ever seen.

 It was then Michigan's turn. Unfortunately the weather did not favor us again. Although the first trip saw many days where the temperature was above 90, some even over 95. The second trip saw the hottest temperatures of the summer, and oh yeah, it included 20mph winds! It made for some difficulties for sure, but we made it through. It was still gorgeous.

 Picture from parking lot of the hotel.
 When I got home there were only two things on my mind, the upcoming school year, and the time remaining I could use for a break. I decided to travel to Letchworth Park in New York. This stretch of land has been called the "Grand Canyon of the East". Here I concentrated on HDR images, this one I processed in my tent, uploaded it to my phone and shipped it around.
Beautiful Letchworth, will return soon.
That is all I shall report tonight, more soon.

p.s. I have still been on the lightning kick, so be prepared.

  Have a good one
           - Chris