Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yesterday my band published its Facebook page. We have some music up, I suggest Get Away from Me which we finished today. We have 6 songs in our upcoming EP which we are having professionally recorded in Ithaca, picture below. My next post will discuss my evolution at nighttime photography and will feature some historic and present shots from the darkness, so keep an eye out!

 Our blog page is

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Price

5/3/12 - 5/4/12- The thunderstorms were raging when I left the concert. After the brief stop at the ice cream shop for a twist I return to my house in Clay. I parked, and saw a blinding flash which lasted in my eyes.

     " Ok, time to go take pictures." Is of course what I thought to myself.

I left to where the three rivers motel used to be on 57. With little luck I was rained out there and moved then to the boat launch under 481. After this failed I realized  that I could probably get better pictures back at the junction. It was no longer raining so I went back and spent a few minutes capturing nothing.

I had to go North. If you don't know about swamp road(Peter Scot Road) it has a dark history. Infamous for being the scene of many Fatal Tragedies. It just so happens that on this very same road I finally found success. For hours through pouring rain and 45 mph gusts, I had been trying to get pictures of lightning.

Braving the rain for the last time, I stood by the trunk of my car and shot more pictures. After half an hour, a few curses and many aiming adjustments I saw a car pulling down the road. I had parked on the left side so my brighter 4 ways and headlights pointed at oncoming traffic. He pulled a little toward my side of the road and I swore.

In a flash the truck squealed sideways missing my front bumper by inches.  I ran backward camera and all. Missing the swamp on the other side of the road he sped away leaving me dumbstruck and angry. I got in my car and drove away thinking how lucky I was to not become another statistic. I guess that moment of terror was the price I paid for a gratifying result.