Thursday, November 10, 2011

Autumns Waining

   November is here and although the warm weather has been a treat, I can only hope that snow is quickly approaching. I am part of a small portion of the New York population that openly invites harsh weather to our region. As much as I love the changing of the leaves and the cooling of weather, I also await winter with open arms. To pay tribute to this beautiful fall, I have added pictures from this time of year, and I hope to replace them soon with ones of white and cold.
 View from the boat on Canonsville Resevoir, this is where I got my first picture of a Bald Eagle

Tripods allow for great stills, and also to help give a subject among the leaves.

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  1. I do love snow, especially at Yule, it's pretty and fluffy...but it's a pain to drive in, clear away from cars, driveways and decks; and try getting all the frozen little balls of snow off of a long hair dog! But...Chris, your photos are perfect, and looking forward to seeing your winter scenes.