Friday, March 9, 2012

Liverpool High School Robotics

   Today was the second day of the RIT First Finger Lakes Regional. This is one of the competitions in which the Liverpool high school robotics team (arctic warriors) compete. Teams are given six weeks to build a robot given a specific task or game (link to this years game:

It is amazing to see the team go from planning.

To a fully functional robot

A turret on top of the robot fires the balls into the hoops to score points

A manipulator allows the driver to tilt the platform so they can drive up it and balance for 10 points

The team actually won an award for our innovative 360 degree independently steerable wheel system, what is so cool is that instead of using the usual chains we used a system of pulleys, taking last years drive train with a similar setup from around 80 pounds down to just under 50!?

Team 174 is tied at the moment at first place. We are doing remarkably well and I must say I hope the best for the team tomorrow. Here are some photos from the competition, enjoy!


  1. Interesting photos with great lighting. Nice looking robot too. No wonder you never slept....
    ~ MG Perkins

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