Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Price

5/3/12 - 5/4/12- The thunderstorms were raging when I left the concert. After the brief stop at the ice cream shop for a twist I return to my house in Clay. I parked, and saw a blinding flash which lasted in my eyes.

     " Ok, time to go take pictures." Is of course what I thought to myself.

I left to where the three rivers motel used to be on 57. With little luck I was rained out there and moved then to the boat launch under 481. After this failed I realized  that I could probably get better pictures back at the junction. It was no longer raining so I went back and spent a few minutes capturing nothing.

I had to go North. If you don't know about swamp road(Peter Scot Road) it has a dark history. Infamous for being the scene of many Fatal Tragedies. It just so happens that on this very same road I finally found success. For hours through pouring rain and 45 mph gusts, I had been trying to get pictures of lightning.

Braving the rain for the last time, I stood by the trunk of my car and shot more pictures. After half an hour, a few curses and many aiming adjustments I saw a car pulling down the road. I had parked on the left side so my brighter 4 ways and headlights pointed at oncoming traffic. He pulled a little toward my side of the road and I swore.

In a flash the truck squealed sideways missing my front bumper by inches.  I ran backward camera and all. Missing the swamp on the other side of the road he sped away leaving me dumbstruck and angry. I got in my car and drove away thinking how lucky I was to not become another statistic. I guess that moment of terror was the price I paid for a gratifying result.


  1. Fantastic photo of the clouds and lightening. You are an intrepid seeker of the perfect shot. What an almost-mishap; fool driver!! On a side note, glad you were not struck by lightening!!

  2. Awesome shots Chris - can't wait to see the others (I know you have them...). Glad you survived to tell the story. Give us a little photo lesson - edit your post and add a note on what settings finally worked for you. By the way - I've heard the top level or upper floor of a parking garage is a good spot too - often times you get height, shelter, and are usually close to your car.