Friday, January 18, 2013

A beginning

Here are the last few pictures that I have edited over the past month. This post is called "a beginning" because even though I was not truly accepted to SUNY ESF, I am taking classes there this semester. The college feels right, even with the 40 minutes of walking for a one hour class. 

I haven't brought my camera to campus yet. I don't know when I will decide to, right now it's just a distraction. I did, however, witness something pretty spectacular my first day. As I was waiting for class, walking around, I looked up to see two red tailed hawks moving in unison on either side of a circle. Flowing on the wind these two were hunting while using the wind no flapping just gliding.  It took two minutes and many revolutions for the birds to pass over me and out of site. They were moving in Widdershins (counter-normal/counter clockwise, normal of course referring to the motion of the sun) which I have been told, and take as a sign, that there is a new beginning. My past mistakes will fade, and be repeated no more. Now to make that a reality through action!

It definitely feels like a beginning.

view at Limkiln Lake by Old Forge NY, in the Adirondacks
Mill doing its thing
Beautiful Green Lakes in the fall

Cinder block art found in an abandoned building

Behold a piece of plastic with their name on it, my name on it. Their picture on it, my picture on it :)


  1. I love your ESF i.d., hurray for you! All will be well, Chris. I love the Adirondack photo, too. Good luck and good studying; great things are ahead for you!!! Hugs from Robin.

  2. Whoohoooooooo! You're living' the dream :-)